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Calibration Specification For Color Matching Light Box

Calibration Specification For Color Matching Light Box

1.Environmental Requirement:When performing color detection, if other light sources do not directly or indirectly affect the condition of the object being observed, otherwise the final result will be affected.


Therefore, it is advisable to choose N5-N7 gray for the inner wall of the color light box, and the inspector must wear gray clothing.


2.Matching Color Angle Requirements:Many colorimeters have very strict requirements for measurement angles, and different angles can lead to different results.


At present, there are two angles of color requirements for standard light sources: 0-degree light source observation and 45-degree observation.


3.Lamp Sorting:Before proceeding with the inspection, it is necessary to sequence the lamps of the color box.In terms of sequencing, the internal light source environment is required to be in a uniform state.


Calibration Specification For Color Matching Light Box.1.Environmental Requirement: 2.Matching Color Angle Requirements:

4.Pay Attention To Sample Placement:Matching light boxes are typically cube-shaped, so placing them in the middle works best when testing samples.If multiple samples need to be tested, they should be placed side by side.


5.Light Source Conversion Requirements:Light conversion may be required during use to meet color matching needs.


If the quality of the counter box itself is not good, the light source will be unstable, which will affect the inspection results.


The above is about the relevant situation of the color light box, if you want to detect their data can be more accurate, then in the process of detection must pay attention to the color light box calibration specification, otherwise it will not operate in accordance with the standard requirements and cause the final result to be affected.


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