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Enamel Lmpactor

TL-405 Pointer Force Gauge NK-200 with tension and compression kit

TL-405 Push Pull Scale Force Gauges (1)

Purpose of equipment

Pointer Force Guage is small and handy push&pull tester
Suitable for electric products, Light and Textile Industry, hardware, zippo and ignitor, fire equipment, manufacturer, fishing tools, motive power machine, scientific research institution etc. to do the
push and pull loading test.

Technical specifications

Capacity: 200N
Graduation : 1N

TL-405 Push Pull Scale Force Gauges (2)


1. Handheld design, compact size
2. Easy operation,can be used with various fixture
3. Pointer instructions,easy to read, precision
4. Peak value maintain function,continuous load instructions free switch.
5. Indicate two scales in KG and Newton.No need unit conversion.


EN71-1 8.4 Tension test

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