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How To Use Color Matching Light Box?

How To Use Color Matching Light Box?

As a device for human eye observation, in order to minimize the impact of human operation on the observation results, the correct method steps need to be adopted, as follows:


1.Plug the power cord into the socket on the back of the light box, turn on the power, and the chronograph display will display a running time to indicate that the power is on.


2.Press the “ON/OFF” button, and the timer will display the total time the light box has been used.


3.Press the “D65”, “F”, “TL84” or “UV” key, the corresponding lamp group will light up, and the timer will display the time that the lamp group has been used. If you need to turn on two or more light sources at the same time, just press two or more keys at the same time.


4.Place the items to be tested in the middle of the light box bottom plate. If two or more items are to be compared, they should be placed side by side in the light box for comparison.

5.The appropriate viewing angle is a 90° light source and a 45° line of sight. The light source illuminates the object to be inspected from a vertical angle of incidence, and the observer observes from 45°.

6.After the detection is completed, press the “ON/OFF” button to turn off the machine and disconnect the power supply.


In addition, you should also pay attention to the following points during daily use:

1.Strictly follow the instructions for using the color matching light box, and comply with all warnings and safety measures listed in the instructions.


2.The color matching light box should be used in a stable voltage environment. When encountering thunderstorms, the use of color matching light boxes should be prohibited and the power supply should be cut off.


3.Be careful not to stain the inner wall of the light box when using it. If you find stains or peeling paint, you should immediately send personnel to repair or replace the inner wall panel.


4.Record the usage time of the lamp. If the lamp appears to be aging, the lamp should be replaced in time to ensure the accuracy of the test results.


5.Do not open and close the light box frequently to avoid shortening the life of the lamp. When unnecessary, try to avoid repeated switching between multiple light sources to extend the effective service life of the lamp.