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How To Use The DIN Abrasion Tester ?

How To Use The DIN Abrasion Tester ?

1.Before operation, you should carefully read the instruction manual of the equipment and follow the operation steps.



2.Before the test, check whether all parts of the equipment are in good condition, whether the power cord is connected, and whether the test bench is flat.



3.Operators should wear protective gloves, safety glasses and other protective equipment to avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation.


4.During the test, the wear of the sample should be observed regularly, and the test data should be recorded in time.


5.After the test, the test table and equipment should be cleaned in time to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the next test.


6.Regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment to prolong its service life and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data.

What kind of equipment is a DIN abrasion tester?

DIN wear testing machine is a kind of equipment used to test the durability of materials in friction and wear environment, widely used in material science, automotive industry, aerospace, construction engineering, chemical industry and other fields.


When testing with DIN wear testing machine, it is necessary to load the sample to be tested into the testing machine and then set the test parameters such as test time, load, friction coefficient, etc., through the machine control system.


In the test process, the tester will carry out continuous friction and wear on the sample, while recording the weight change of the sample, wear depth and other data to evaluate the wear resistance of the sample.


The following points need to be taken into account when using a DIN abrasion tester:

1.Preparation of samples: Samples need to be prepared and processed according to standard requirements to ensure the accuracy of test results


2.Setting of test parameters: The setting of test parameters needs to be selected according to the specific application field and test requirements, so as to fully consider the force of the sample under actual use conditions.


3.Maintenance of testing machines: Testing machines require regular care and maintenance to ensure the reliability and accuracy of test results.


4.Data analysis and processing: After the test is completed, the test data needs to be analyzed and processed to obtain the abrasion resistance evaluation results of the sample.




In conclusion, the DIN abrasion tester is a very important test equipment, which can help us evaluate the durability performance of materials under actual use conditions, and provide an important reference for engineering design and material selection.