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Hust Tony Instruments Escort the Quality of Furniture Products!

Hust Tony Instruments Escort the Quality of Furniture Products!

Furniture products are necessities in our daily life, we need to sleep bed, watch TV need to sit on the sofa, office need chairs, tables… Therefore, the quality of furniture products is related to the vital interests and health of each of us, to this end, many of our furniture companies have to take action, try to improve the quality of furniture products.


Today, I will talk to you about a testing equipment that is very important in our Hust Tony that is being assembled recently, a Comprehensive Testing Machine for Mechanical Properties of Furniture.

The test range is relatively wide

The volume of this Comprehensive Testing Machine for Mechanical Properties of Office Furniture is very large compared to other testing equipment.



Its test range is relatively wide, such as general tables and chairs, cabinets, single-bunk beds, etc. can be tested.


The Hust Tony instrument used the modular construction of a high-strength aluminum metal frame when producing this device, so its bottom frame is three-dimensional and very stable.

What Role does the Furniture Mechanics Comprehensive Testing Machine Play In the Furniture Industry
Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine
Furniture Comprehensive Testing Equipment

Two very good advantages

In addition to being set in multiple languages, this comprehensive performance testing machine for furniture mechanics independently developed and produced by Hust Tony can display the characteristics of force, time and displacement, which has two very good advantages:

1.Each type of trial is a different test that is not related to each other, and the addition of new trials or the subtraction of one or the other independently does not affect the original test.

2.Even if its volume is large, but the appearance is still beautiful, the wiring is all hidden, but also to prevent leakage and other dangers during the operation.

See here Xiaobian know friends will certainly think in the heart, that such a good detection equipment how much does it cost? 

Please rest assured, all the testing equipment produced by Hust tony instrument is a penny, genuine, take this Furniture Mechanical Comprehensive Performance Testing Machine, we are customized according to customer needs, the price ranges from 700,000 to 1.2 million CNY, absolute high quality.

19 years of R&D and production experience

Hust Tony instrument has been engaged in the R & D and production of testing equipment for 19 years, many well-known quality inspection institutes and colleges and universities have chosen us, we welcome all new and old customers friends to inquire or visit.

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