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Box Compression Tester TNT-05-Packaging Test-Instrument Manufacturer

Box Compression Tester TNT 06 Box Compression Tester TNT 06
Box Compression Tester TNT-05-Packaging Test-Instrument Manufacturer Box Compression Tester TNT-05-Packaging Test-Instrument Manufacturer

Box Compression Tester TNT-05

Box Compression Tester uses a motor drive screw to move the pressure plate downwards, thus pressing the test sample; The pressure display automatically displays the strength value. Test the pressure strength of cartons or other packaging containers.


Standard :

GB/T 4857.4-92 , Packaging ,Transport package ,pressure test method

GB/T 4857.3-92 , Packaging, Transport package , static load heap code test method

also applied to standards of GB,ISO,ASTM,BS,DIN,JIS or other international

Technical Specifications



Transmission Mode

Screw drive


1000kg,2000KG,5000kg       Customization is acceptable

Load Accuracy




Control System

AC variable frequency gear motor

Kind of Drive

T-screw + chain drive


Chinese or English LCD big screen


1000mm (can be specified)

Test Speed


Test Space

1000 mm × 1000 mm × 1200mm  Customization is acceptable

Pressure Holding Function

Fully automatic pressure holding, time can be set.

Surface Treatment of Testing Machine

Painted , the column is made of aluminum profile

Instrument Weight



Leakage protection / overload automatic shutdown protection / stroke limit protection


Automatic report printing, (Chinese) printing (maximum force, average, free point value, breakpoint scale, date)

Three Basic Test Functions

Pressure Test:

For determining the ultimate compressive strength of the specimen, the testing machine automatically records the peak pressure and the compressive deformation of the specimen.


Constant Value Test:

The overall performance of the box can be detected according to the set pressure or deformation amount, and the design and selection of the box is provided Necessary test data;


Stacking Strength Test:

A certain pressure value is continuously applied to the specimen for a specified period of time, which is used to determine the storage conditions of the specimen in the simulated packaging .

According to the relevant standards, the pressure durability can be stacked for 12 hours, 24 hours and other different conditions.


Note: According to different sizes of corrugated boxes, packaging containers, transport packaging, you can choose from the following to combine into testing machines of different sizes and different pressure ranges to meet your needs.

Product Features

1.Using high-precision load cell, the accuracy is controlled at <0.1% when leaving the factory, which is far better than the ±1% of ISO standard;


2.The use of frequency conversion motor and precision screw auxiliary drive ensures the accuracy and reliability and stability of the displacement of the equipment up and down;


3.Automatic completion of the test, the equipment has the functions of test data display, memory storage, analysis, statistical processing and printing of test reports, which is convenient to operate;


4.Preset test speed and return speed and free adjustment of the position of the upper pressure plate make the test faster and more efficient;


5.The load cell is located above and connected to the upper pressure plate, and the user or the measurement and calibration department (third party) can easily calibrate the indicator error of the instrument by placing the standard sensor in the middle of the upper and lower pressure plates for calibration operation.

Box Compression Tester TNT-05
Box Compression Tester TNT-05

Safety Precautions

1.Measurement and control software pressure value overload protection system.

2.Upper and lower stroke limit switch protection device.

3.Power-off automatic locking transmission protection.

4.The sensor pressure value is automatically reset to zero.

5.Preset test speed and return speed for faster testing

6.The display function test completes and automatically returns to the initial position.


ISO2872 《Pressure test of packaging and shipping parts》

ISO2874 《Stacking test by pressure testing machine for packaging and shipping parts》

GB4857.4 《Basic pressure test method for transport packaging》

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