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Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester HTF-019C – ASTM D1424 Max 300N

HTF-019C Fully automatic fabric tearer HTF-019C Fully automatic fabric tearer

Digital EImendorf Tearing Tester is used for the determination of the tear resistance of various woven fabrics (Elmendorf Elmendorf method), and can also be used to determine the tear strength of materials such as paper, plastic sheets, films, electrical tape, metal sheets, etc.

Standard :
纺织品:GB/T 3917.1 纺织品 织物撕破性能 第1部分 冲击摆锤法撕破强力的测定
ASTM D 1424、DIN 53862、ISO 13937-1、ISO 4674-2、ISO 9290

Technical parameters:

  • Standard heavy hammer weights:16N32N64N128N300N
  • Test accuracy:≤±0.2%F·S

  • Tear length:43mm

  • Incision length:20±0.2mm

  • Specimen clamping:Pneumatic mode

  • pressurized air:600~800kPa

  • Dimensions:860×695×800

  • Weight:100kg

  • Power supply:AC220V 50Hz 200W


 Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester

1.Potential energy calculations ensure accurate testing and good repeatability

2.This instrument automatically changes the hammer, no need to manually change the hammer

3.Color touch screen control system, Chinese and English operation interface, built-in thermal printer, can print data reports

4.The instrument can freely access all data and statistical results in the main unit

5.Test units can be selected between N, gf, cN, kgf, mN and lbf and automatically converted to adapt to different standard requirements

6.The instrument automatically cuts samples, pneumatic specimen clamping and pendulum release to ensure consistent clamping forces and reduce operating steps

7.USB interface, professional computer analysis software, can store data on a computer (obtain the national software copyright registration certificate)

8.Equipped with the automatic correction function of the pendulum friction damping to improve the measurement accuracy

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