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Film Impact Tester | Pendulum Impact Test – HTZ 017

Film Impact Tester
Application :Pendulum Impact Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of resistance to impact-puncture penetration of films, textile , composite films, aluminum foils and other materials.

GB 8809-88,ASTM D3420,NF T54-116

Technical specifications

  1. Impact capacity: 1J, 2J, 3J, 5J (optional)
  2. Resolution: 0.001J
  3. Impact head size: Ф25.4mm, Ф19mm, Ф12.7mm (Customized available)
  4. Specimen holder size : Ф89mm, Ф60mm
  5. Specimen size: 100 mm x 100 mm, Ф100mm
  6. Gas resource pressure: 0.3MPa – 1.0MPa
  7. Gas resource interface: Ф6mm
  8. Instrument dimension: 492mm(L) × 383mm(B) × 752mm(H)
  9. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
  10. Net weight: 44kg
mainframe, 1J pendulum, 2J capacity poise, 3J capacity poise, Ф25.4mm impact head, Ф19mm impact head, sample holder, micro-printer.
Optional parts: Professional software, non-standard impact head, O-rings.


  • 1.TFT screen display results
  • 2.Specimen pneumatic clamp
  • 3.Pendulum pneumatic lock and release
  • 4.Pendulum capacity easy to change
  • 5.Statistic calculation: max, min, mean and standard deviation
  • 6.Micro-printer prints mini-report
  • 7.RS-232 standard communication port.


GB 8809-88,ASTM D3420,NF T54-116

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