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Finished shoes Flexing Tester HTX 013A Finished shoes Flexing Tester HTX 013A

Finished shoes Flexing Tester HTX-013A

Finished shoes Flexing Tester HTX-013A.This machine specializes in testing sports shoes, casual shoes, work shoes and other finished shoes, after a long time fixed frequency, fixed angle of continuous reciprocating bending, evaluate its folding resistance or check its crack degree.

1.The finished shoe is installed on the finished shoe tortus resistance testing machine, and the finished shoe tortuous part is driven by the finished shoe tortus testing machine to repeatedly twist and turn at the zigzag angle matched by its shoe type and the fixed rate of the bending machine.


2.Observe the damage of the tortuous part of the finished shoe after reaching a pre-set time or after completing the specified number of twists.


3.The tortuous resistance of the finished shoe is evaluated by the number of complete twists and turns without damage or the severity of the damage of the tortuous part of the finished shoe after completing the specified number of twists.

Technical Parameters



Test Sample Quantity

Two pairs of

Bending Angle

Adjustable from 5 to 90 degrees

Bending Speed

50~150 times/minute

Allow Sample Length

150mm to 400mm

Sample Requirement

1.The sample should be the finished shoe after 48 hours of processing, without obvious defects.

2.No less than two pairs of samples per group.

Laboratory Temperature



variable frequency motor



Control Mode

buttons control

Instrument Size


Net Weight


Instrument Features

1.Body surface treatment: The United States DuPont powder, electrostatic spray painting process, high temperature 200℃ curing to ensure that the color will not fade.

2.The mechanical parts are composed of non-corrosive structural aluminum and stainless steel materials; 3.LED-SLD806 integrated display control box, menu operation mode;

4.Precision variable frequency drive motor, smooth operation, low noise

5.One-button automatic test, easy to operate;

6.The open-close protective transparent cover protects the operator’s hands and has a lid-and-stop protection sensor

7.High-precision selected bearings, stable rotation and long activity life

8.4-station structure design, stable bending and high efficiency;

9.The front and rear fixing fixtures can be adjusted, and the screw screw is tightly fixed

10.Speed adjustable, angle adjustable, movable heel fixed, size adjustable

11.English and Chinese language modes are available.

Test Procedure

1.Adjust the eccentricity of the testing machine to make the bending Angle reach the specified Angle.

2.Put the sample shoe on the test machine.

3.Adjust the distance of the press block in the shoe so that the front end of the press block is in the distance toe of the shoe.

4.Before the test starts, set the counter to zero, set the number of bending to the specified value, and start the host to start the test.

5.After reaching the specified number of tests, observe the changes of the whole shoe after bending.


GB/T 20991 section 8.4.1

ISO 20344-2021 section 8.4.1

AS/NZS 2210.2 section 8.4.1

ISO 17707 section 4.2


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