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Luggage Tumble Test Machine HTD-015-Luggage Tumble Test-Manufacturer

Luggage Tumble Test Machine HTD 015 Luggage Tumble Test Machine HTD 015

Luggage Tumble Test Machine HTD-015

Luggage Tumble Test Machine HTD-015-Luggage Tumble Test-Manufactuer

This machine imitates the damage test of suitcases and other packaging boxes during transportation, such as dropping, impact, and rolling, and tests the protection ability of suitcases and contents, as the basis for product improvement.

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Technical Specifications



Roller Diameter

72 inch  (182.88 cm )


48 inch

Roller speed

2rpm  (Can be set )

Obstacles Specification

96 degrees obstacles 3 groups

Sample Size


Metal rollers

The inner cavity is a regular hexahedral cylinder (the distance of the inner cavity seal Angle line is 2200MM, the depth of the cylinder is 1220MM)


LCD display, 0-99999999 can be set

Machine size (L*W*H)


Net Weight

About 1500 kg

Power Supply

AC 220V

Test Principle

Test principle: In the fall process, the cargo bracket first moves rapidly down and then rotates, to ensure the free separation of the bracket and the packaging test piece, to achieve the free fall of the packaging test piece, and to truly complete the drop test bench of the surface, edge and Angle drop test.

Sampling requirements: Finished leather cases.

Results: After the completion of the specified number of revolutions, check the damage condition of the box as the basis for quality control.



Application Industry

Luggage Vibration Impact Tester

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