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Salt Spray Test Room TW-026-Manufacturer-HUST TONY

Salt Spray Test Room TW 026 Salt Spray Test Room TW 026
Salt Spray Test Room TW 026 Manufactuer Salt Spray Test Room TW 026 Manufactuer
Salt Spray Test Room Salt Spray Test Room

Salt Spray Test Room TW-026

Salt Spray Test Room TW-026 is suitable for the reliability test of high and low temperature of industrial products.


The parts and materials of electronic and electrical, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace and ship weapons, colleges and universities, scientific research units and other related products are tested under the condition of alternating cycle changes at high temperature and low temper.

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Technical Specifications



1.Salt Spray Test


Laboratory Temperature


Saturated air bucket Temperature


2.Corrosion Resistance Test


Laboratory Temperature


Saturated air bucket Temperature


Test Chamber Volume

4400L   Other volumes can be customized

Inside Dimensions

2200×2000×1000mm(D × W × H)  Other sizes can be customized

Machine Dimensions

2650×2550×1850mm (D × W × H) 

Power Supply

380V±10%,50Hz±1  12.0KW

Gross Weight

About 980kg

Main Technical Parameters

Temperature Range


The test conditions were room temperature ≤25℃, relative humidity ≤85%R.H, no load in the studio, 1/10 space away from the inner wall of the box, and the temperature was constant for two hours.

The amount of salt spray settling


Temperature Fluctuation


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Departure


Heating up Time




Meet Standard Requirements

GB2423.17  GB/T10125-2012  ASTMB117-2011


1.Box material: The inner and outer boxes are made of Taiwan light gray impact resistant PPR plate, the thickness is 10mm, and the temperature is about 85℃. The edge is reinforced around the three-dimensional thickness of 10mm, and the structure is firm.


2.The door of the test chamber is made of PPR board, with 300×400 transparent observation Windows with double thickened edges to prevent long-term distortion and deformation at high temperature. The thickness is 10mm. The door frame is sealed with silicone strips.


3.Box frame strength: The base of the test box is made of 304 stainless steel square steel, and the internal skeleton is made of stainless steel Angle iron and square steel.


4.Insulation thickness: 100mm hollow layer.


5.Saturated air barrel: made of 304 stainless steel, high pressure resistance of 3Kpa, good insulation effect. The internal heating tube is made of Taiwan Taizhan electric heat tube, and the water level is controlled by Taiwan Fanyi float switch, which is durable.


5.Test placement: The test bench is made of temperature-resistant ABS board with strong load-bearing capacity (200KG).Good water permeability, ensuring easy access to the generator (with casters)


GB2423.17  GB/T10125-2012  ASTMB117-2011

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