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Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ-044-China Manufacturer-HUST TONY

Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ 044 2 Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ 044 2
Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ 044 3 Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ 044 3
Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ 044 Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ 044

Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ-044

Steam Aging Test Chamber TNJ-044 Suitable for electronic connectors, semiconductor ics, transistors, diodes, liquid crystal LCD, chip resistance capacitors, components industry electronic components metal pin solder test before aging accelerated life time test; Semiconductor, passive components, parts pin oxidation test.


Microcomputer temperature controller, LED digital display, PID+SSR control, platinum resistance temperature sensor (PT-100), resolution 0.1℃, automatic safety protection device.

Technical Specifications



Inner Box Size (W×H×D)


Outer Box Size (W×H×D)


 Steam Temperature

Up to 97℃

Heating up Time

About 40 minutes

Controller PID microcomputer temperature control heating mode


Control Accuracy



1 to 9999 minutes

Control of Water Level

Automatic water supply, water shortage and power failure function to prevent dry burning

Power Supply

AC 220V±10% 50Hz 2.0KW

Control Panel

Touch Screen


1.Inner and outer box material :SUS304 stainless steel. Beautiful appearance, not easy to age.


2.Water level control: with a stainless water tank, can be manually added water or external water pipe, in the low water level of the instrument manual or automatic water supply, the experiment process will not be interrupted.


3.Japanese Omron temperature control. PID control, SSR output. Temperature is more accurate. Quality is more reliable at high temperatures


4.Timer: can be diversified Settings,(can be set seconds, minutes – seconds. Minutes, hours. – Minutes. Hours.) With power failure memory function. After power outage, call again according to the set time to continue to work.


5.The full detection system is adopted, and the light is on when the fault occurs, which is convenient for the operator to know the equipment condition in time.


6.Heating system: the heat pipe uses titanium tube. Not easy to corrode, longer service life



7.High stability platinum probe, less error.



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