Japan IMADA Force Gauge – Push Pull Scale Force Gauges

IMADA Force Gauge IMADA Force Gauge
IMADA Mechanical Force Gauges IMADA Mechanical Force Gauges

Mechanical force gauge is an analog-type force gauge with spring mechanism, which is also known as “Push Pull Gauge”. Mechanical force gauge is easy-handling since it is durable and needs no battery. Besides, you can stably apply force and easily read force transition by seeing the movement of pointer.


Standard :


Technical specifications


Model: FB-200N    

Brand: Imada (Japan)   

No batteries needed. 

Intrinsically safe in hazardous environments. 

Capacity up to 200N (push and pull). 

FB Ranges (Resolution) Accuracy: 0.3% F.S. 

Real time and peak mode. 

Full set of accessories and carrying case included



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