Cupboard Door Hinge Durability Test Equipment TNJ-026

Cupboard Door Hinge Durability Tester Cupboard Door Hinge Durability Tester
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the furniture contains hinge with this tester,simulate in process of repeating open and close the sliding door in daily use.Repeat it after a certain numbers,evaluate the hinge whether exists damage or other effect of using.


Standard :

QB/T 2189 , ANSI/ BIFMA X5.9 , ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 -2014,

BSEN 1622-2012

Technical specifications

Control panel/ console consists of:

  • ON/OFF switch button
  • 6-digits Electronic Predetermine Counter (EPC)

-The EPC will register every stroke of the cylinder up to six digits,

-Will stop the test operation to the preset stroke,

-The EPC will display the number of stroke achieved during the test,

-EPC also able to store the number of cycles when the power interruption take place and able to display the actual reading and continues counting when operation resumes

-The signal shall maintain until the counter is reset

Note: one stroke is counted as one cycle


1∮ AC 220V 50Hz 3A 

Open Angle




Air supply

7kgf/cm^2or above stable air





Test speed

10~18times/min adjustable

Cylinder stroke


Beam Max.height



QB/T 2189 , ANSI/ BIFMA X5.9 , ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 -2014,

BSEN 1622-2012

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