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Toy Ball Impact Tester TW 262A Toy Ball Impact Tester TW 262A

Toy Ball Impact Tester TW-262A

Toy Ball Impact Tester  is used to test the impact resistance of all rigid toys that cover the face, meets standards: ASTM F 963, ISO 8124-1, GB6675-2.

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Test Principle

1.The machine adopts DC electromagnetic control mode, the steel ball is placed under the electromagnetic suction cup, the steel ball is automatically sucked on, press the falling key, the suction cup instantly releases the steel ball, the steel ball will be free fall test, impact the surface of the specimen.


2.Drop height can be adjusted up and down, and with a height scale, you can know the fall height of parts.

Technical Specifications



Steel Ball

Mass: 15.8g±0.8g

Diameter: 16mm

Fall Mode

Electromagnetic absorption or release

Impact Height


Power Supply

AC 220V 50/60HZ

Product Size


Net Weight


Gross Weight

60 kg

Standards Accessories

Steel ball

1 Pcs

Toy Ball Impact Tester TW-262A

1 Set

Power cord

1 Pcs

Operating manual

1 Pcs

Optional Accessories

Sharp Edge Tester TW-220

Small Part Cylinder TW-206

Sharp Point Tester TW-221


ASTM F 963 section 8.7.4
ISO 8124-1 section 5.14
GB6675-2 section 5.14

Application Industry

All rigid toys that cover the face can be tested on the Toy Ball Impact Tester TW-262A

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