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HTF-066 Water Resistance Testing Instrument AATCC 42

Water Impact Penetration Tester Water Impact Penetration Tester
Water Resistance Testing Instrument AATCC 42 Water Resistance Testing Instrument AATCC 42

Impact Penetration Tester, is to determine the resistance of fabric to the penetration of water by impact, and thus can be used to predict the probable resistance of fabrics to rain penetration. Suitable for measuring the penetration resistance of garment fabrics, and also used to test the Water Resistance(Impact Penetration test) performance of medical protective clothing.


Standard: AATCC 42

Technical specifications

Spray head bottom to sample centre:60cm

Water volume:500ml

Spring clip width:152mm

Sample angle:45°

Clamp mass:453.6g(1Lb)

Spray head:diameter56mm,spray holes diameter:1mm,25 holes




How Water Penetration Tester works?

1. Clamp one end of the specimen under 152mm spring clamp at the top of the inclined stand.

2. A standard blotter paper 152 x 230 mm is weighed to the nearest 0.1g and inserted beneath the test specimen.

3. Pour the distilled water into the funnel of tester and allow spraying onto the test specimen.

4. The water should be poured into the funnel without imparting any swirling motion of the water in the funnel.

5. Upon completion of the spraying period, the test specimen is carefully lifted, the blotter beneath removed, and then quickly reweighed to the nearest 0.1 g.


Standard: AATCC 42

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