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What are the Functions of the Furniture Strength testing machine?

What are the Functions of the Furniture Strength testing machine?

In recent years, the quality of furniture has been paid attention to by more and more families, and in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, various countries have successively formulated a series of furniture quality standards and test methods.

The test range is Extensive

The function of furniture strength testing machine is to test and evaluate the structural strength, durability and stability of furniture to ensure the safety and reliability of furniture use.


It has a wide range of tests and can be applied to all types of furniture tests of various materials.

Protect the interests of consumers

In the furniture production process, manufacturers need to use furniture strength testing machines to test products to ensure that the quality of furniture meets industry standard requirements.


At the same time, this equipment is also widely used to detect all kinds of commercially available furniture to protect the interests of consumers.

Provide consumers with a healthy and safe home environment

The test items of furniture strength testing machine mainly include load test, diagonal strength test, roll test and chair seat and back test, etc., which can completely evaluate the bearing limit value, stability and durability of furniture, and provide consumers with a healthy and safe home environment.


In short, the furniture strength testing machine plays an indispensable role in the modern home industry. In the process of furniture design and production, manufacturers attach great importance to the application of furniture strength testing machine.


When consumers buy furniture, they are also very concerned about whether the furniture has passed the relevant test standards.