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What is Color Assessment Cabinet ?

What is Color Assessment Cabinet ?

Color Assessment Cabinet is a device commonly used for color inspection, which can provide a variety of standard light sources to ensure more accurate data when checking for color deviations of items.

For industries that need to guarantee color accuracy, such as textiles, prints, and cosmetics, color matching light boxes are an indispensable tool.

These devices use different analog light sources, such as ultraviolet light, simulated daylight, horizontal daylight, store showroom light, and home light, to ensure that the detected data meets industry standards.

Therefore, the color light box plays an indispensable role in modern industry.

When people visually detect the color deviation of items, the color-matching light box provides a standard light source that simulates various environments, such as simulated daylight, simulated store display hall lighting, as well as home lighting, horizontal daylight, ultraviolet lighting, etc.

Working Principle

Take a simple life case first, we go to the store to buy clothes, because of the special lighting of the store, often feel that the color of a dress is very nice and bought, but when we wear it to go outside or back home, we will greatly discount the beauty of buying clothes in the store, and even think that the color does not match and do not want to wear it again.


The reason for this is that under different illumination sources, the human eye sees the color of the same item is not the same, which is called the heterochromatic effect.

What is Color Assessment Cabinet ?Color Assessment Cabinet is a device commonly used for color inspection, which can provide a variety of standard light sources

For some demanding goods, especially export products, inspectors have high requirements for color, and an important indicator is to check the color deviation of items under the standard lamp light source specified by merchants. Such as the color difference between goods and samples, the color difference between the clothing line and the fabric, the color difference between the telephone handle button and the housing, the color detection of printed paper products, the color requirements of paint ink, etc., are inseparable from the standard light source color light box.

The color light box is usually a combination of a variety of light sources, such as providing analog daylight D65, D75, D50, analog store showroom lighting TL84, CWF, U30, and home lighting F, INCA, horizontal daylight HORIZON, UV lamp UV.


These light sources must be recognized by international large institutions, such as Wal-Mart, Martha’s recognized store lights, international testing agencies recognized daylight, merchants designated a variety of special requirements of the light and so on.

How it works ?

The selection of various light sources in the color light box is controlled by the touch button corresponding to the name of the light source on the box to achieve fast switching and fast lighting. The two items that need to be compared with the color deviation are placed in the central symmetric position of the color light box, as long as the Angle between the human eye or the light and the measured item is 45 degrees, it is the best observation Angle.


The color light box can also record the use time of each kind of lamp, and the lamp is required to replace the new lamp after more than 2000 hours of use, in order to avoid the effect of visual observation of the color because of the aging of the lamp.