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What is the Function of the Box Compression Tester ?

What is the Function of the Box Compression Tester ?

Carton compression testing machine used for corrugated boxes, packaging containers,transportation packaging compressive strength performance test, the testing machine has various parameters included in the standard test, display, memory, data statistical processing and printing functions, can directly obtain the statistical results of the data, easy to operate.

The testing machine meets the requirements ofthe following three basic test functions:

1.Pressure test:

For determining the ultimate compressive strength of the specimen, the testing machine automatically records the peak pressure and the compressive deformation ofthe specimen.

2.Constant value test:

The overall performance of the box can be detected according to the set pressure or deformation amount, and the design and selection of the box is provided Necessary test data;

3.Stacking strength test:

A certain pressure value is continuously applied to the specimen for a specified period oftime,which is used to determine the storage conditions of the specimen in the simulated packaging.

According to the relevant standards, the pressure durability can be stacked for 12 hours, 24 hours and other different conditions.

Note: According to different sizes of corrugated boxes, packaging containers, transport

packaging, you can choose from the following to combine into testing machines of different sizes and different pressure ranges to meet your needs.


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Box Compression Tester TNT-05

1.Compliance with standards:

ISO2872 《Pressure test of packaging and shipping parts》

ISO2874 《Stacking test by pressure testing machine for packaging and shipping parts》

GB4857.4 《Basic pressure test method for transport packaging》

2.Product Features:

1.Using high-precision load cell, the accuracy is controlled at <0.1% when leaving the factory, which is far better than the ±1% ofISO standard;

2.The use of frequency conversion motor and precision screw auxiliary drive ensures the accuracy and reliability and stability of the displacement ofthe equipment up and down;

3.Automatic completion of the test, the equipment has the functions of test data display,memory storage, analysis, statistical processing and printing of test reports, which is convenient to operate;

4.Preset test speed and return speed and free adjustment of the position of the upper pressure plate make the test faster and more efficient;

5.The load cell is located above and connected to the upper pressure plate, and the user or the measurement and calibration department (third party) can easily calibrate the indicator error of the instrument by placing the standard sensor in the middle ofthe upper and lower pressure plates for calibration operation.

Box Compression Tester TNT-05

3.Carton compressive strength:

The carton requires a certain compressive strength, because the carton stacked in the lowest layer after packaging the goods in the storage and transportation process is subjected to the pressure of the upper carton, in order not to collapse, must have a suitable compressive strength, the compressive strength of the carton is calculated by the following formula:




P----Carton compressive strength, N


W————Weight of carton after loading, N


n————number of stacking layers


K——Safety factor for stacking


The number of stacking layers n is calculated based on the stacking height H and the height h of a single carton, n=H/h


The safety factor of stacking is determined according to the number of layers of goods stacked. The national standard stipulates:

If the storage period is less than 30d, take K=1.6

For a storage period of 30d-100d, take K=1.65

If the storage period is greater than 100d, take K=2.0


Our machines do not need to calculate the values manually.

Our machines automatically calculate test results and come with their own printing function.

The strength safety factor K is also called the deterioration coefficient, mainly considering the influence of storage time on the strength of the carton, and its value can be selected according to Table 6-25-1.

                                                                                                                                                                      Table 6-25-1 Deterioration factor



Period of storage/day




Over 6days

Deterioration factor









                                                                                                                                 The duration of the stacking height is selected according to Table 6-25-2


                                                                                                                                                    Table 6-25-2 Stacking height and duration

Storage and transportation mode

Basic value

Range of application

Time of duration/day


Time of duration/day


Road transportation

1 day

2.5 m

1~7  day

1.5~3.5 m


Rail transport

1 day

2.5  m

1~7  day

1.5~3.5 m


Water transport, sea transport

1~7 day

3.5  m

1~28  day

3.5~7 m

Storage time

1~7 day

3.5  m

1~28  day

1.5~7 m









Box Compression Tester TNT-05
Box Compression Tester TNT-05-Packaging Test-Instrument Manufacturer

4.Carton compression resistance and stacking test purpose

First, the purpose of the carton compression test


The carton compression test is an important method to evaluate the stability and durability of the carton when carrying weight.


By detecting the deformation and failure of the carton under pressure, the mechanical properties and quality of the carton can be evaluated, and a scientific basis can be provided for its packaging design and transportation.


The main purposes of the carton compression test include:


  1. Evaluate the load-bearing capacity and durability of the carton, and determine the carton specifications and load capacity;


  1. Test the quality and production process of cartons to improve the overall quality and stability of cartons;


  1. Provide scientific guidance for the transportation and storage of cartons to prevent loss and delay of goods due to transportation damage.




Second, the purpose of the carton stacking experiment


The carton stacking experiment is an important method to evaluate the stability of cartons during transportation and warehouse stacking.


By testing cartons of different specifications and stacking methods, the carrying capacity and stability of cartons can be determined, providing scientific guidance for carton transportation and storage.


The main purposes of the carton stacking experiment include:



  1. Evaluate the carrying capacity and stability of cartons under different stacking methods;


  1. Determine the carton stacking design and storage arrangements to prevent cargo losses caused by stack collapse;


  1. Test the production quality and specifications of cartons to improve the durability and reliability of cartons.


In short, carton compression resistance and stacking experiments are key methods to evaluate carton quality and performance, providing scientific guidance and specifications for carton packaging, transportation and storage. Enterprises and consumers can improve their understanding of carton quality and environmental protection by understanding the significance and application of carton compression resistance and stacking experiments, and scientifically purchase and use carton products.