45 Degree Combustion Tester Based On Standards

45 Degree Combustion Tester Based On Standards

45 Degree Combustion Tester is manufactured in accordance with the U.S. Flammable Fabric Regulation (FFA).This test is a mandatory testing requirement of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The product is mainly used in the flame retardant performance testing of textiles and clothing, and the product is appropriately graded according to its combustion performance, so as to prevent the use of any dangerous textiles and clothing, so as to reduce the occurrence of any life-threatening hazards.

The scope of product testing is mainly for textiles, toy fabrics, upholstered furniture fabrics, etc., which is the testing equipment independently developed and produced by our TONY INTERNATIONAL (HK) CO., LTD, which is cost-effective.

fabric Flammability Tester

According to the Standard

GB/T 14644

16 CFR 1610

ASTM D1230

NFPA 702

CA TB117

Main features of the instrument

1.Stainless steel box, equipped with transparent observation window.

2.26 gauge needle flame, adjustable flame length.

3.Automatically record burning time and burning rate.

4.Ignition time can be set freely.

5.The timer accuracy is 0.01 seconds.

6.Provide brushing device and sample holder.

7.Provide standard stainless steel sample clamps.

8.Provide standard flame calibration template.

9.By replacing different sample clips, it can meet the requirements of different standards. 

TONY INTERNATIONAL (HK) CO.,LTD Advantages and Features:

1.The company has been engaged in testing instruments for 20 years and has a strong after-sales service team.


2.Be able to deal with various problems in a timely and rapid manner to relieve customers’ worries.


3.The spare parts of the instrument are ready to solve the trouble of ordering spare parts long delivery time.


4.Provide outsourced repair and maintenance services.


5.Long-term supply of various commonly used testing instruments.


6.Keep up with the update of industry standards, and provide test instruments that meet the new standards in a timely manner.