Are the Stroller Products you Buy For Your Child Safe?

Are the Stroller Products you Buy For Your Child Safe?

The non-conforming items and problems of stroller products on the market are mainly in normal use, foreseeable reasonable abuse, the shape, size and strength of certain specific toys, small parts, protruding parts, plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys, the accessibility of folding mechanisms, holes, intersections, mechanical devices, stability and overload requirements, strength, packaging used in toy sales, etc. Specification requirements, product marks and instructions for use, anti-collision spacing, etc.




Strollers may need to be assembled by themselves after purchase, and correct assembly is an effective way to avoid injury during use. In addition, try to buy a single function of the stroller.


Stroller is best “special car”, because the single function of the stroller, relatively speaking, the structural design is scientific and reasonable.In contrast, products that combine one or more in one are sometimes inevitable.

Why do We Need to Test Strollers?There is no doubt that a stroller is a convenient device for parents who need to travel with a baby or toddler.

(1)Child’s Bicycle:Choose the right size bicycle according to the age and height of the child.When purchasing, pay attention to the size of the handbrake handle, if the size is too large, the brake may be due to the children’s hands are not tight, which will lead to the brake.

Do not remove the balance wheel on the children’s bicycle at will when purchasing and using; Children’s bicycle chain cover is essential, no matter what kind of chain cover, must be able to make children can not easily touch the chain as well, to prevent children from extending their fingers into it to be hurt.



(2)Child’s Tricycle:The tricycle must not have any pinch points that may cause injury.The pores on or between any moving parts that may be touched should be less than 5 mm or more than 12 mm to prevent children from pinching their fingers.

Also, pay attention to whether the small parts on the tricycle are safe for children.



(3)Baby Strollers:In addition to the structure of the vehicle is firm, but also pay attention to the lock mechanism and safety device of the cart is complete and reliable, if only the lock mechanism without the safety device, once the lock mechanism fails, it is possible to cause serious injuries to children.

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the height of the surrounding seat cushion on the cart is appropriate, whether the shoulder strap, fork strap, straddle strap, buckle, seat belt and other devices are firm and reliable, so as to ensure that children will not fall out of the car accidentally due to the lack of safety belt and other devices during use.

When using the cart, adults should try not to leave the cart to prevent accidents.


Are the Stroller Products you Buy For Your Child Safe?

(4)Baby Walker:When purchasing, the stability, rigidity and frame strength of the product should be considered, especially to check whether the lock device is reliable, in order to prevent children from jumping in the car and causing the lock device to loose and cause the walker to fold itself, causing accidental injury.


It is strictly prohibited to use on uneven roads, slopes, staircases, bathrooms, kitchens and dangerous places near electrical appliances.


(5)Electric Stroller:When purchasing, the stability and maximum load quality of the product should be considered, especially the maximum speed of the electric stroller, for products with a speed greater than 8km/h, it is difficult to keep up with the walking speed of adults who are monitored by children while playing, which will lead to the injury of children from effective monitoring.


(6)Other Toy Vehicles:When purchasing, the stability and maximum load quality of the product should also be considered, because such strollers rely on human drive, it is necessary to consider whether there is a gap in the range of children’s hands and feet.


In addition, for the plastic bags and plastic films in the packaging, in addition to paying attention to whether the thickness is enough (the standard requires an average thickness of 20.038mm), the plastic bags and plastic films used in the packaging should also be promptly put away, placed in a place that is not easy for children to access or thrown away in time, so as to avoid room accidents when children are taken to play.



TONY INTERNATIONAL (HK) CO.,LTD and third party inspection organizations provide a large number of toy testing equipment to determine whether toys are safe for children, and our products are recognized by governments and research institutions in many countries.


On the other hand, toy safety requirements can vary from country to country, so our toy safety testers are available in a variety of types to accommodate different standards.