Comprehensive Flammability Testing Machine

Product Introduction

Comprehensive Flammability Testing Machine can be use for testing children’s clothing or toys and their accessories, evaluate the combustion speed and time of the

following toy types.

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Hust tony company’s toy testing equipment – toy integrated combustion test machine test project are as follows:

1. Children’s headdress toys

2. Children’s make-up clothing and accessible toys

3. Children’s Soft toys

4. Children’s toy surface flashing test

The integrated combustion tester complies with:

EN71 GB6675 standard (Note: Each standard sample holder is different and needs to be optional )

The toy integrated combustion tester produced by Hust tony Instruments Co., Ltd. is controlled by PLC, with precise timing and an English-Chinese interface (optional). Different sample fixtures are equipped under different test methods. Fixture operation is easy, fast and convenient, this fixture can also be adjusted at will, can be suitable for different sample installation. Flame angle, according to different standard vertebral needs can be adjusted at will angle.

Size of this toy inspection device: 1000mm × 600mm × 12000mm (H)

Weight: about 30KG

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Hust tony Instruments Co. , Ltd. has specialized in the production and development of toy testing equipment, textile testing equipment, furniture testing equipment, furniture material testing equipment, table bed testing machine, chair stool durability impact intensity tester, sofa mattress durability tester, etc., are in line with BIFMA, ASTM, DIN, EN71, GB, ISO, AATCC and other standards, to provide a comprehensive laboratory solution.

Product Pictures

Comprehensive Flammability Testing Machine