How Much Pressure can an Office Chair Withstand?

How Much Pressure can an Office Chair Withstand?Seat-backed Comprehensive Testing Machine to Tell you the Answer!

How Much Pressure can an Office Chair Withstand?

With the development of modern society, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the hygiene and comfort of the office environment, and the quality of office chairs, as indispensable supporting equipment for daily office, has gradually become one of the hot spots of everyone’s attention.

To buy a high-quality office chair, we need to consider many factors such as its load-bearing capacity, seat and backrest comfort. So, how to evaluate the quality of office chairs?

Multiple test modes

The Hust Tony seatback comprehensive testing machine is an important tool for our evaluation, which can simulate the real scene of human use of office chairs, and conduct a variety of tests on office chairs, including load-bearing, static pressure, repeated bending, etc., to evaluate the quality of office chairs.

Through the evaluation of the testing machine, we can obtain the data of the maximum load-bearing capacity of the office chair and judge whether it meets our needs.

The Working Principle and Application Scope of Furniture Mechanics Comprehensive Testing Machine

The comfort of the seat and backrest is also crucial

In addition to load-bearing capacity, seat and backrest comfort is also crucial.


The seat-back comprehensive testing machine can simulate human sitting posture, back pressure distribution, etc., to evaluate whether the office chair meets the ergonomic design principles.


In the test, we can obtain information such as the deformation of the seat surface and backrest of the office chair to determine whether it can provide sufficient support and comfort, so as to prevent seat bone pain and lumbar spine injury.

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How to Ensure the Safety Performance of Furniture Products?In recent years, the furniture market has been developing and the variety is increasing.


In general, the use of seat-to-back comprehensive testing machine can provide us with important data and information to help us judge and select high-quality office chairs.


Many office chair manufacturers will conduct comprehensive tests on seat backrests before leaving the factory to ensure that office chairs meet the relevant quality standards in the industry.


When we consumers buy office chairs, we can also ask manufacturers about the results of the test to obtain more accurate reference information.