How To Improve The Utilization Rate Of Dust Experiment Box ?

How To Improve The Utilization Rate Of Dust Experiment Box ?

The sand and dust test box is an environmental testing equipment that simulates the impact of sand and dust on a closed box in the environment. The test is conducted in accordance with the IP level requirements of my country’s shell protection test standard GB4208.


At present, the dust utilization rate of the common dust experiment box on the market is low, generally only 50% of the circulating dust is less than, which is unscientific for the accuracy of the experiment.


So, what technical means or experimental methods can be used to improve the dust utilization rate of the dust experiment box?




In fact, we need to understand the reasons for the small amount of circulating dust. As long as we find the reasons for the local accumulation of dust, we can make the right medicine and improve the experimental accuracy of equipment.

IEC60529 IP5/6X Dust Test Chamber
IEC60529 IP5/6X Dust Test Chamber

Engineer HUST TONY believes that the utilization rate of dust mainly reflects the following three aspects:

1.Whether the circulating air humidity value in the dust experiment box is reasonable

Generally speaking, the drier the weather, the wider the dust will disperse. This is the same as the environment we live in. Therefore, reducing the humidity in the box is a basic requirement.


2.Whether there is anti-static treatment

If the dust test chamber is not anti-static, it will cause a large amount of sand and dust to be adsorbed on the inner wall of the box, resulting in a significant decrease in the utilization rate of sand and dust.


3.Whether the sand and dust circulation system is reasonable

The dust circulation system is mainly composed of motor and air duct. The power of the motor directly affects the size of the wind, and the rationality of the air duct directly affects the circulation utilization rate of dust.


Therefore, in the configuration selection, the demand is based on the size of the practical box to select the motor and the reasonable installation of the air duct.