Video-How does the Furniture testing machine work ?

Before furniture products are shipped, they usually require hydraulic performance tests such as strength and durability to ensure product quality.

Furniture tester is a simulation of the furniture parts in the normal use and habitual misuse of people, subject to a one-time or repetitive load under the conditions of strength or tolerance of the test.

Standard : BS EN 1728: 2012  , BS EN 1730 : 2012 And etc .

Table level strength test, is to simulate daily use, from the horizontal direction of dependence, impact, to determine the horizontal strength of the product.


Working video as follow , you can click the link . 

BS EN 1730 : 2012 — 6.2 Horizontal Static Load Test

BS EN 1730 : 2012   — 6.3.1 Vertical Static Load On Main Surface

BS EN 1730 : 2012– 6.3.2 Additional Vertical Load Where main surface has a length >1600mm

BS EN 1728: 2012 — 6.4 Seat and back static load test (a)

BS EN 1730 : 2012 — 6.6.2 Vertical Impact Test For Glass Table Tops

BS EN 1730 : 2012 — 6.6.3 Vertical Impact Test For All Other Table Tops

BS EN 1728: 2012– 6.7 Horizontal forward static load test

BS EN 1728: 2012 — 6.8 Static load of footrail

BS EN 1728: 2012– 6.24 seat impact test 

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