What Are The Design Points of The Rain Test Chamber?

What Are The Design Points of The Rain Test Chamber?

The rain test chamber is designed to imitate the rainwater impact of the experimental sample under natural conditions, and does not imitate the rainfall under strong wind speed.

Especially for supplies or equipment in the field, rain experiments are needed to test the waterproof and moisture resistance functions of the items, which are generally based on the waterproof function of the shell of the items.

Especially for some metal shells, the rain experiment can also effectively check the rain corrosion resistance of the metal shell.

The climatic environment has a great impact on the aging of products, the fading of pigments, and the corrosion of metals, so the aging experiment is increasingly being paid attention to by rubber, plastics, chemicals, cars, textiles and other industries, and there are many elements of the climate and environment, such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain, etc., and the rain test box is an environmental test equipment that imitates the rain.


IPx5 IPx6 Water Jetting Test Chamber WT-06-Manufacturer

IPX5 IPX6 Strong Jet Water Test Chamber
IPx5 IPx6 Water Jetting Test Chamber

Can be customized

The test volume is from 1-2m3, and the vehicle walk-in rain test chamber can also be customized according to the requirements.

The rain test box can carry out waterproof experiments on electrical and electronics, car and motorcycle accessories and other products and parts.


It is planned according to different scales and shapes. For example, in the umbrella industry, due to the IPX3 rain experiment, IPX4 rain experiment and other IP waterproof experiment box, the device scale of the result rain experiment is very different.


Therefore, the testing device should consider the size and requirements of different testing products to plan.


The following points can be used to understand the planning points of the rain experiment box:

1.The sprinkler system should be able to actively control the water pressure and spray evenly to ensure the regular flow rate in the specification, and the water should be recycled. The water should also be replaced with fresh water depending on the cleanliness of the water.


2.Fixed turntable to rotate evenly and stable, can not shake, fixture consider active clamping.Since the rain test device is used in the water environment, the fixture should be waterproof and not rust.


3.The spray time should be actively controlled within 2 minutes.


4.The investigation of water leakage should be as intelligent as possible, and video surveillance can be considered if conditions permit. At present, there are some problems in manual survey, such as one-sided judgment and easy to produce bias, and investigators are easy to get tired.