Finished Shoes Flexing Tester Test Methods

Finished Shoes Flexing Tester Test Methods

The design standard of the shoe bending testing machine fully complies with the SATRA TM92 standard, and can be used to test the flexural performance of finished shoes and soles.

Trial Objective: To test the cracking resistance of soles and shoes during repeated bending.

Test Equipment: Finished Shoes Flexing Tester.

Compliance With Standards:Satra TM92

Instrument Structure Components:


(A)Swing the metal plate at a frequency of 140 times per minute.

(B)Two size and position adjustable artificial feet:

(C)Touch screen control, easy to operate, simple.

Finished shoes Flexing Tester.Observe the damage of the tortuous part of the finished shoe after reaching a pre-set time or after completing the specified number of twists.
Finished Shoes Flexing Tester Test Methods
Shoe Flexing Tester.Shoes bending machine dedicated testing sports shoes, casual shoes, work shoes, the finished shoes, after a long time and frequency.

Test Sample Requirements:

The sample should be the finished shoe after 48 hours of processing, without obvious defects.


No less than two pairs of samples per group.


The sample should be tested after temperature adjustment in the laboratory for 6 hours.


 Test Condition:


1.Bending Angle 30°45°, 50°, 60°, 90° and so on adjustable

2.The test speed is 50~150 times/min

3.Laboratory temperature: 23+2°C.


Test Procedure:

1.Adjust the eccentricity of the testing machine to make the bending Angle reach the specified Angle.


2.Put the sample shoe on the testing machine.


3.Adjust the distance of the press block in the shoe so that the front end of the press block is in the toe of the shoe.


4.Before the test starts, set the counter to zero, set the number of bending to the specified value, and start the host to start the test.


5.After reaching the specified number of tests, observe the changes of the whole shoe after bending.


Test Report:


The bending value is expressed by the number of times, no crack is qualified, there is a crack is unqualified, and the length of the crack is expressed in millimeters.


The test result of each pair of shoes is subject to visual inspection. If there is only a tear in one of them, the pair of shoes shall be treated as a tear.