How to Test the Rattle to Make Sure it Does not Suffocate Children ?

How to Test the Rattle to Make Sure it Does not Suffocate Children ?

Place the rattle in the opening of the Rattle Test Fixture A/B 

 (Where the rattle is most likely to go through the opening)

If any part of the rattle passes all the way through the opening without being pushed or pulled, the rattle fails.

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Are there any other requirements for rattles?

Yes. The rattle cannot have a sharp tip or edge.(See 16 CFR §1500.48 and 16 CFR §1500.49.) These requirements do not require third-party testing)

What is a rattle?

A rattle is a baby toy that is:


1.For handheld,


2.Usually contains small balls or other small objects and makes a sound when shaken.


Not all products that make a sound similar to a rattle are rattles.


Things like dolls, stuffed animals, crib rockers and exercise machines, plastic keys on chains, games and puzzles, and Musical Instruments, such as tambourines and maracas, are not rattles.

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What is the purpose of the rattle ordinance?

The purpose of the rattle rule is to prevent babies from choking or choking on the rattle.


The rule requires:


The rattle should remain intact after certain tests, and the rattle should be designed and constructed so that it cannot enter the baby’s mouth and block its throat.