Paper Burst Strength Test

1.Paper Burst Strength Test

In a burst strength test, a force is applied to the fabric to measure the conditions that would cause the fabric to break.

Bursting Strength Tester HTZ-008

2.Why you need to test the explosive strength of paper products

Poor packaging can cause damage to the product during transportation, delivery or storage.This not only causes the manufacturer to suffer financial losses, but also reputational damage and further business opportunities.


So manufacturers must be aware of the importance of good and strong packaging.


Manufacturers can invest in reliable test equipment to test the rupture strength of packaging materials, such as a carton rupture strength tester.

Bursting Strength Test equipment

3.Benefits of burst strength testing

The automatic burst strength tester allows manufacturers to analyze the strength of the package and ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.


The blasting strength value can be used to grade the quality of the corrugated material.

4.So what's the burst strength tester?

The digital display automatic blasting strength tester has rich functions of parameter testing, parameter conversion, parameter adjustment, parameter memory, parameter printing and so on.



All meet the relevant national standards. With data processing function, can directly output data statistics results, easy to operate, easy to adjust, stable performance.



The bursting strength tester is suitable for carton, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cigarette box, beer box, shoe box, milk carton, plastic hollow board, leather, fabric, high strength aluminum foil and copper foil.