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HTZ 008 Textile Mullen Bursting Strength Testing Equipment HTZ 008 Textile Mullen Bursting Strength Testing Equipment
HTZ 008 Textile Mullen Bursting Strength Testing Equipment01 HTZ 008 Textile Mullen Bursting Strength Testing Equipment01
HTZ 008 Textile Mullen Bursting Strength Testing Equipment02 HTZ 008 Textile Mullen Bursting Strength Testing Equipment02

Bursting Strength Tester HTZ-008

Bursting Strength Tester is used for the performance determination of tension resistance and expansion of various textiles, knitted fabrics, paper, nonwovens, leather and other materials when the warp and weft and all directions are stressed at the same time (elastic diaphragm method).

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Technical Specifications                    




Max Range



Min Reading



Measurement Range

(1%~100% of full scale)

Sample holder inner diameter (Test area)

Standard50cm²(φ79.8mm) and 7.3cm²(φ30.5mm)


Elastic Membrane (diaphragm)Size

ODφ130mm, thickness:≤2mm

Max Distension


Pressure Rate


Test Methods

Constant speed burst, constant pressure, constant expansion ,Timing burst

Pressure Unit

kPa、kg/cm2、bar、lb/in2       switch freely

Machine Dimension



Printout、display output


Ac220V /50Hz ,200W

Gross Weight



1. It adopts hydraulic method and meets national standards.

2. Touch screen control, simple and easy to understand, simple and intuitive operation, sensitive touch,Chinese and English operation interface.

3. Pneumatic clamping, uniform clamping, avoid specimen slippage or damage, easy to use.

4. The test clamp is made of high-transparency acrylic material, and the magnet is attracted and installed, which is easy to replace and disassemble.

5. Built-in LED lighting allows all-round observation of the specimen testing process.

6. Automatic induction blasting system, sensitive and reliable, the instrument has overrange, over-expansion protection function.

7. Exterior plexiglass cover prevents pinching and makes use safer.

8. Using high-precision pressure and displacement sensor measurement, AC servo drive system, high instrument accuracy, low operating noise.

9. It adopts high-speed AD sampling and 32-bit ARM processor, with high sampling frequency and high test accuracy.

10. There are four kinds of test methods: constant speed bursting, constant pressure, fixed expansion and timed bursting.

11. The instrument comes with a thermal printer that can directly print the report, and the professional computer analysis software can achieve two-way operation with the computer (obtain the national software copyright registration certificate).


Plastics:Food packaging, bin liners, sacks and various plastic products.


Medical:Organ patches, hernia patches, wound dressings, animal skin.


Paper:Kitchen paper, Toilet tissue, Other paper products.


Nonwovens:Wet wipes, surgical gowns/masks.


Textiles:Knitted and woven apparel, Technical textile.


GB/T 7742 , ISO 13938.1 , FZ/T 60019 ,FZ/T 01030, ASTM D3786 ,BS 4768

WOOLMARK TM 29 WSP 30.1,JIS L 1018.6.17

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