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AATCC Electronic Crockmeter DZ-302 AATCC Electronic Crockmeter DZ-302
AATCC Electronic Crockmeter DZ-302 AATCC Electronic Crockmeter DZ-302

AATCC Electronic Crockmeter

AATCC Electronic Crockmeter DZ-302 .This instrument is suitable for yarn, yarn-dyed, printing and dyeing and other textiles and all fabrics on or inside toy products.


AATCC Electronic Crockmeter  is mainly composed of a control system and a friction system, the specimen is fixed at the end of the base pasted with sandpaper with a specimen clamp.

Test Principle

The friction head wrapped with white cotton cloth is placed on the specimen, after the specified number of frictions,

The specimen is observed and the degree of stickiness on the white cotton cloth is evaluated with gray card comparison, and the stability of the dyeing or surface coating of the fabric specimen is judged, providing reference data for the evaluation and selection of materials.

Technical Specifications



Rubbing Head


Rubbing Distance

104±3mm (AATCC standard)

Rubbing Load

9N±10% (AATCC standard)

Rubbing Speed


Instruments Weight


Instrument Size(L*W*H)


Power Supply


Standard Accessories

1 box

Standard white cotton: 50 mm × 50 mm

Optional Accessories

1 Pcs

Grey Scale for Assessing Staining

1 Pcs

Color matching box with standard light source


1. The housing is made of strong steel coated with a corrosion-resistant coating.

2. Small size, easy to move.

3. It conforms to ISO AATCC, JIS BS and other relevant international standards.

4. It adopts electric drive, which saves operator labor compared to manual chillers.

5. Digital displays and buttons help lab users test unambiguously.

6. Suitable for textiles, fabrics, yarns, leather, paper, etc.

Application Industry

AATCC Electronic Crockmeter DZ 302 3


BS 1006 D02

ISO 105X12/D02

AATCC 8/165  

JIS K6328,L0815,L1084

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