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ASTM Flexure Tester TW-247A-Manufacturer-HUST TONY

ASTM Flexure Tester TW 247A ASTM Flexure Tester TW 247A
ASTM Flexure Tester TW 247A Manufacturer Hust Tony ASTM Flexure Tester TW 247A Manufacturer Hust Tony

ASTM Flexure Tester TW-247A

ASTM Flexure Tester TW-247A,Bending splints are used to test whether wire or other metal materials that add rigidity or fix appearance in toys are dangerously sharp tips or sharp edge protrusions due to breakage during bending (or abuse).

It is a toy abuse test project.

Technical Parameters




Made of stainless steel

Test Angle

 120 degrees






ASTM F963 2011.8.12

Optional Accessories

IMADA FB-200N Push-Pull Scale

1 Set

TW-220 Sharp Edge Tester

1 Set

TW-221 Sharp Point Tester

1 Set

TW-003 Bench Vice

1 Set

Bending test splint product information

1.Made of stainless steel

2.American, European and Chinese national standards have different requirements for the size of the test board.

3.Application: Bending test splint is used to test whether the metal wire or rod that plays a soft support role in the toy is dangerous due to fracture during bending and use.

Scope of application

Toys containing wire and rods for soft support for children 96 months and younger.

How to use and understand the flexure test splint

1.Attach the toy to a vise fitted with a curved splint, test the part vertically, and flex the wire 120° in the opposite direction.

2.The 2in position of the test object is bent vertically with 60°, if the size is not enough for the 2in force to select the chart of the test;


Age Group

United States Standard

European Standard

Chinese Standards

Test all forces

Test all forces

Test all forces

Test all forces

0 ~18 months



70 N ±2 N

18~36 months



70 N ±2 N

36~96 months



70 N ±2 N

 3.Regardless of whether the metal wire or rod is wrapped with other materials (plastic, rubber), it must be subjected to a deflection test.

4.During the test, pay attention to the frequency of deflection. If the deflection speed is too fast, the accuracy of the test results will be affected.

5.The rod antenna used in remote control toys does not need to perform this test. This test applies to the metal wires and rods that play a soft support role. The rod antenna has a certain rigidity and is not soft.

Judgment: If the test object has sharp edges, sharp points, and small objects (under three years old), it is considered unqualified.


ASTM F963 2011.8.12

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