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EN 71 Feeler Gauge TW 711 EN 71 Feeler Gauge TW 711

EN 71 Feeler Gauge TW-711

EN 71 Feeler Gauge  is used to determine whether parts on toys can be stepped up so as to determine whether the tensile testing is necessary.

Application Of Feeler Gauge

 Feeler gauge with a thickness of 0.4mm±0.02mm and an insertion edge radius of approximately 3 mm.

Test method Of Feeler Gauge

If the component to be tested cannot be gripped between thumb and forefinger, establish whether it is grippable by inserting the feeler gauge between the component and the underlying layer or body of the toy at an angle between 0°and 10° from the toy surface using a force of (10 ± 1) N. If the gauge can be inserted more than 2 mm, the component shall be considered as grippable.

Technical Specifications




Stainless steel + Aluminum alloy

Feeler Gauge Thickness


Insertion Edge Radius



10×10×70 mm


40 g

Optional Accessories

IMADA FB-200N Push-Pull Scale

1 Set


EN-71-1 section

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