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BIFMA Bag Type Impactor Device TNJ-051-2-Supplier-Hust Tony

TNJ 051 2 BIFMA Bag Type Impactor Device 1 1 TNJ 051 2 BIFMA Bag Type Impactor Device 1 1

BIFMA Bag Type Impactor Device TNJ-051-2

Application Range

This load pad is designed specifically for BIFMA X5.1. Mainly for the office chair Dynamic Drop Test and Seating Impact Durability Test to provide impact load, configured to use in Chair Seating Durability Tester TNJ-051-Furniture Drop Testing.

Technical Specifications




Canvas, steel ball

Bag diameter

16  (406mm)

Bag weight

125Lb ~200Lb~225Lb~250Lb~300Lb~3501b(Can be superimposed)

Instrument Characteristics

1.Over 17 Years Testing Machines China Manufacturer & Supplier.

2.Support custom production of various test standards.Direct factory sales, strict quality, provide calibration services, provide on-site installation and training.

3.HUST TONT is a leading developer and manufacturer of furniture testing instruments.More than 17 years of production experience  and technology accumulation.


BIFMA X5.1- 2011 Section 8, 11.3

BIFMA X5.11-2015 Section 8,11.3

Applications Industry

All kinds of seats of chair can be tested on the Seat Impactor Device.

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