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Enamel Enamelware Impact Resistance Tester ISO-4532

Enamel Impactor
It is suitable for impact resistance determination of glazed porcelain and enamel dishes


Purpose of equipment

     Enamel impactper also known as glazed porcelain enamel dish impact resistance test gun is a special instrument designed and manufactured according to the requirements of ISO4532 standard for glazed porcelain and enamel – enamel dish impact resistance measurement. This device is a portable handheld instrument, can be stored in any suitcase, avoiding disassembly, transportation and many other troubles, can be tested in workshops and workshops outside the laboratory, and is most suitable for use as factory production management tests.

Technical specifications

1.Force range: 0~90 N/cm continuously adjustable

2.Accuracy: 2 N/cm




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