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Flat Claw Clamp 2 Flat Claw Clamp 2

Flat Claw Clamp TW-232

Flat Claw Clamp Used for assisting pull testing,made of stainless Steel.

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Application Range

  1. Buttons, eyes, decorative sheet and other things on the toys
  2. Toys or toys parts made of expandable material
  3. Glued wooden toys
  4. Toys protrusion protector or projectiles impacted surface protector
  5. Mouthpiece of mouth actuated toys or other parts of toys intended to be placed on the mouth
  6. All hard materials to cover on the face (such as goggles, space helmets or welding masks)
  7. Airlock of aquatic toys and inflatable toys
  8. Small ball parts on toys
  9. Toys can be touched magnetism components, etc.

Technical Specifications



Center hole length

6 mm

Opening range

6 mm~30mm

Throat depth



Stainless Steel.

Gross Weight


Optional accessories

IMADA FB-200N Push-Pull Scale

Instrument Characteristics

1.Toy testing equipment professional manufacturers, the price is competitive.

2.Material is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, durable, never rust.


EN-71-1 section

ISO 8124-1 section,

GB6675-2 section

EN 16890-2017 Section 8.3.2

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