Gap Test Round TW-251-Toy Test-ASTM F963-Manufacturer-HUST TONY

Gap Test Round 3 Gap Test Round 3

Gap Test Round TW-251

Gap Test Round used to determining the whether the palpable gap on toys is a risk. To prevent children from pinching and crushing.

Meets ASTM F963 test standard.

Technical Parameters



Rod Diameter




100mm  ±0.1mm


304 stainless steel

Packing dimensions

130mmx 85mm x 35mm

Net Weight

0.8 kg

Gross Weight



ASTM F963  4.18.1-4.18.2

Instrument Features

1.Metal material, passivation treatment.

2.Made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion prevention, durable and easy to use.

3.Original manufacturer, high precision, provide national level calibration certificate.

Test Procedure

4.18.1 Accessible Clearances for Moveable Segments. This requirement concerns clearances between movable seg-ments on toys intended for children under 96 months only, where the potential for pinching or crushing fingers or other appendages exists. lt includes,but is not limited to, wheels and rigid-wheel wells, fenders, or the radial clearance between the wheels and chassis of ride-on toys, or the driven wheels and other parts of toys powered by electrical, spring, or inertial energy. lf such accessible clearances admit a 3/16-in.(5-mm)diameter rod, they shall also admit a 1/2-in.(13mm) diameter rod in order to prevent the trapping of fingers.

4.18.2 Circular Holes in Rigid Materials-This require-ment is intended to prevent finger entrapment (which may cut off blood circulation) in accessible holes in sheet metal and other rigid material in toys intended for children aged 60months or less. (Noncircular holes are believed to present no significant hazard of cutting off blood circulation in entrapped fingers.) If an accessible, circular hole in any rigid material less than 0.062 in. (1.58 mm) in thickness can admit a 1/4-in.(6-mm) diameter rod to a depth of 3/8 in. (10 mm) or greater, it shall also admit a 1/2-in. (13-mm) diameter rod.



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