ISO 4643 Leather Flex Test Equipment for Shoes Cover Flexing HTX-020

ISO 4643 Leather Flex Test Equipment

Leather Flex Tester is used to assess the tendency of all type of shoe upper materials such as leather, poromeric, fabrics, plastic-coated fabrics and upholstery coverings to crack or break as a result of flexing in wear.



 ISO-4643, BS3429, SATRA TM25

Technical specifications


Clamps: 40°, V-shape, Arc-radius 6.4mm, 28.5mm±2.5mm apart in the open position and 9.5mm±1.0mm apart in the closed position.

Sampling: 12 specimens

Counter LCD, 0-999, 999

Flex space (moving stroke): 19mm±1.5mm

Flex speed: 300±30 cpm

Motor: AC300W

Dimension: 550×350×300(L×W×H)

Weight: 70kg



ISO-4643, BS3429, SATRA TM25

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