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ISO9073-7 Touch Screen Fabric Stiffness & Hardness & Rigidity Tester-HTF 017

ISO9073-7;ASTM D1388;BSEN22313 ISO9073-7;ASTM D1388;BSEN22313

Ideal for testing most textile fabrics (e.g. woven; layered; pile; knitted; napped),  Fabric Stiffness Tester has been utilized to evaluate the stiffness properties of blankets, airbag fabrics, protective clothing, geotextiles, etc. Fabrics may be untreated or treated. Taber’s Fabric Stiffness Tester can be used (via the Taber Test) to evaluate leather, paper, plastic films, and other flexible sheet materials.


Standards: GB/T18318;ISO9073-7;ASTM D1388;BSEN22313

Technical specifications

Technical parameters:
Angle: 41.5 degree, 43 degree, 45 degree
Extension elongation range: 5~200mm
Resolution: 0.1 mm
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 mm
Specimen size: 25×200 mm
Work platform size: 40×250mm
Specimen pressing plate: 25×200 mm
Move speed: 3~5mm/s

Dimension: 490×300×410mm(L×W×H)


 GB/T18318;ISO9073-7;ASTM D1388;BSEN22313

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