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ISO 8302& ASTM-F3340 Camping Mattresses Thermal Resistance Tester ZD-500

 Mattresses Thermal Resistance Tester ,The instrument uses the protective hot plate method, which mainly tests the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of plastics, glass, fibers, foams, foam cement, insulation materials and camping  mattresses.

Technical specifications:

  1. Thermal conductivity range: 0.0010~3.000W/mk

  2. Test accuracy: ±3%

  3. Calorimetry center area: 250×250mm (side length is accurate to 0.01mm)

  4. Effective test area: 500×500mm; Can be loaded with 800×800mm

  5. Heat surface temperature range: room temperature ~ 100 °C, temperature resolution 0.01 °C

  6.  Measurement accuracy: 0.05 °C; hot plate heating using flexible printed circuit board method

  7. Computer control fully automatic test, data processing, and generate test report, can be printed out

  8.  It can be automatically pressurized, detect the thermal conductivity under different pressure states, the pressure range is 0-1000N adjustable, and the resolution is 0.1N

  9. Cold and hot plate temperature difference: the default value of 30 °C (common standard temperature difference), the user can also set their own

  10. Power: 220V, 50HZ



ISO 8302-1991



Mattresses Thermal Resistance Tester

1, Automatic pressurization system: computer automatic pressurization, can test the thermal conductivity at different pressures, more scientific than manual pressurization, more data-based, better repeatability.

2, A variety of measurement types: in addition to measuring hard plates, optional company accessories, can measure a variety of special materials. For example: granular materials, bulk materials, soil, etc.


1. One ZD-500 test host included

2. A set of software

3. High-precision constant temperature sink one set

4. One desktop computer

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