Mobile Phone Clamshell Testing Machine DZ-217E-Supplier

Mobile Phone Clamshell Testing Machine Mobile Phone Clamshell Testing Machine
Mobile Phone Clamshell Testing Machine Mobile Phone Clamshell Testing Machine

Mobile Phone Clamshell Testing Machine

Mobile Phone clamshell testing machine /phone flip testing machine a special equipment for mobile phone clamshell fatigue test.


This machine can do the life detection of different models of mobile phone clamshell respectively, simulate the hand to do the cyclic flip cover action, after the test to the set number of times to see its effect.


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Technical Specifications



Number of Stations

4 / Set ,synchronous test

Clamshell Speed

10-70 Times/minute

Operating Mode

Touch screen control

Action Execution Element

Stepping motor

Swing Arm Angle Range

0 to 180 degrees

Test Number

1~999999  It can be set and has power off memory function


Antistatic fixture

Working Voltage

220V 50Hz ,120W

Instrument Size

About 500*450*450m m

Instrument Weight

About 45kg


1. It adopts automatic gripping and loosening design, and the clamping force can be adjusted.

2. This machine adopts high-end touch screen LCD touch man-machine interface, and the large interface is intuitive and generous.

3. The control part adopts high-end PLC, which has reliable performance.

4. Due to the use of stepper motor drive, the angle is accurate and convenient, and the power supply system is rectified and set, which greatly improves the service life and reliability of the machine circuit part.

5. This machine adopts dual motors driven separately in a single station, which can realistically simulate the action of the mobile phone when used.

6. The sensor is used to directly detect the number of mobile phone flip counts.

7. Stable operation, low noise, maintenance-free.

8. Its structural design is reasonable, unique, and small, making it suitable for testing environments with limited space or temperature control boxes. It has full applicability for different models of mobile phones.

9. Worry-free after-sales, one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance.

10. Seiko manufacturing, professional R & D team, strength casts good quality.

11. High-tech enterprise, integrating R&D, design and production, marketing.

Equipment Application Range


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