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Plastic Film Shrinkage Tester HTZ-031 -Factory Direct Manufacturer

Elmendorf Tearing Tester
Plastic Film Shrinkage Tester HTZ-031
Application : Film Shrinkage test, known as linear thermal shrink test or free shrink test, is used for analyzing the effect of temperature on heatshrinkable films made from polyethylene, ethylene copolymers and their mixtures. Basically, shrinking force, contracting force and shrinking ratio can be measured in such determination.


GB/T 13519, ASTM D2732

Technical specifications

Technical indexes
  1. Sample size: ≤145mm×145mm
  2. Temperature: Room temperature ~ 250C
  3. Temperature accuracy: ±0.3C
  4. Dimension: 455mm(L) x 350mm(W) x 287mm(H)
  5. Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
  6. Net weight: 25kg
Mainframe, Free-dust lid, Long tweezers
Optional Parts: Silicon oil (self-provide)


Plastic Film Shrinkage Tester HTZ-031

  • Embedded system controls
  • Touch screen operation
  • TFT real color display
  • Digital P.I.D. temperature controller, precise temperature control
  • Aluminum alloy chamber, good temperature uniformity
  • Temperature sensor locates in the heat medium, high accuracy


GB/T 13519, ASTM D2732

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