Static Loads & Dynamic Load -Toy Scooters Test Accessories

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Static Strength Weights apply to test the strength of toy scooter steering tubes,including resistance to downward forces and resistance to upward forces.

    Dynamic Strength Weight  apply to test Loads for determination of dynamic strength and strength for toy scooters

Technical specifications

Static Strength Weights

Specification :

Loading method Cylinder loading

Control mode Touching Screen Control

Test load (25±0.2)kg , (50±0.5)kg ,(100±1)kg

Dimension 1200×1000×1700mm

Weight 170kg

Optional accessories : Air compressor

Dynamic Strength Weight


part weight(Kg) diameter(mm) height(mm)

a 10.42 150±2 75±2

b 14.58 178±2 75±2

c 4.16

d 2.00

e 0.50



Static Strength Weights
Standard: EN71-1 8.27,
ISO 8124-1 5.29 Strength of toy scooter steering tubes


Dynamic Strength Weight

Standard: EN71-1 2014 8.22.2 Loads for determination of dynamic strength., ISO8124-1 5.27 Dynamic

strength for toy scooters;,NM300-1

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