ASTM F963 Yoyo Ball Performance Safety Tester – TW 263

TW 263 悠悠球测试仪1 TW 263 悠悠球测试仪1
TW 263 悠悠球测试仪 TW 263 悠悠球测试仪
The yo-yo ball test appratus is used to measure the initial length and elastic constank of the Yo-Yo Ball, then to jude if the elastic tether will cause any potential damage to children’s neck.

Standard : ASTM F963 section 4.7, 8.23

Technical specifications

Length measuring system, DC motor with speed adjustment, intelligent MCU control.
Wall fixing support or floor stand seat(adjustable)
Encoder and intelligent control signal transmission system
Rotating speed:1-150(adjustable) 
Dimension: 400*1000*1400
Weight: 80kg


ASTM F963 section 4.7, 8.23

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