Experience Sharing! The Most Complete Furniture Testing Machine In the Whole Network

The Most Complete Furniture Testing Machine In the Whole Network!

In the furniture industry, quality is paramount.Today, furniture testing machines have become one of the essential tools for quality inspection. It has a wide range of coverage and powerful functions.

Below, I will share with you my experience of a full set of comprehensive furniture testing machines used in a furniture company.

Basic parameters of furniture testing machine

First of all, let’s briefly introduce the basic parameters of the furniture testing machine.


This model covers all conventional test items in the furniture industry, such as static load, dynamic load, side pressure, wear resistance and so on. Its maximum load capacity can reach 20 tons, the maximum bearing height can reach 3.6 meters, and the maximum test piece size is 3×3×3 meters.


In addition, the machine also supports human-computer interaction, and the test data can be directly output and reported, which is convenient for operation, maintenance and management.

How Important is a Furniture Testing Machine?In order to ensure that the furniture sold meets the requirements of consumers, furniture testing machines become particularly important.
What Role does the Furniture Mechanics Comprehensive Testing Machine Play In the Furniture Industry 2

An important quality assurance tool

In furniture enterprises, furniture testing machines have become an important quality assurance tool.


Each batch of furniture produced must undergo a round of rigorous testing on this machine.


You can also see from it that enterprises attach importance to quality. And when we operated this testing machine, we also experienced its power.

Furniture testing machines have demonstrated their superior performance

We can get a lot of information from this that is not available in traditional experiments.


For example, wear tests can be used to know whether the surface treatment of the sheet is in place and whether the coating thickness needs to be increased in production.


Through the side pressure test, it is possible to check the tensile strength of furniture, avoid damage during transportation, etc.


In this series of tests, the furniture testing machine has demonstrated its superior performance.




In summary, as a multi-functional comprehensive furniture testing machine, furniture testing machine has become one of the necessary testing equipment in the furniture industry.


If you want to improve the quality of your furniture, then you may wish to consider buying a mechanical comprehensive furniture testing machine, which will become an important guarantee for the improvement of your furniture production quality.