Furniture Comprehensive Testing Equipment TNJ-001-Desk ,Chair,Bed,Cabinet-Manufacturer

家具 家具
Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine
TNJ 002B 椅子综合测试设备 副本 TNJ 002B 椅子综合测试设备 副本
Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine
Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine
Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine
Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine Furniture Comprehensive Test Machine

Furniture Comprehensive Testing Equipment

Furniture Comprehensive Testing Equipment – Desk , Chair , Bed,Cabinet TNJ-001 is  based on BIFMA X5.1, BIFMA X5.4 & BIFMA X5.9,ect

-Chair – vertical backrest, tablet, foot rest, arm durability for multi seating, structural durability

-Cabinet- leg/glide assembly strength test

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How Does The Furniture Testing Machine Work ?

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The Composition of The Equipment

 1.The control system can meet 12 cylinders work at the same time. Each of cylinders can work independently. They can also work in a group. For cylinders work in the same group, the operating system can control each cylinder’s operating sequence and the loading time. It means that loading time, holding time and waiting time can be set by computer.

 2.If magnetic valve used for electricity distribution, pressure regulating double used for filtering oil and water or position sensor is damaged,the test machine can stop automatically test number:0—999,999.times can be set. It can stop automatically when it reaches the setting number. It can also save the test results automatically if the machine is stopped or the power is interrupted suddenly.

 3.Computer + loading form closed-loop force control which is controlled by the program that has been set on the computer(directly set test requirement on the computer, such as force value, shift and so on. Not need adjust the pressure of cylinder and the limit sensor on the cylinder.)Controlled by the computer equipment to run automatically.12 control channels can use force value to control. It is four channels that can not only be controlled by force value, but also shift distance.

 4.The computer program can set the force value and the test number of testing. The computer can also display the force value and the test number on its screen directly. When it is broken down, the alarm will ring automatically.

 5.If the detected specimen is damaged. The tester stops and saves the testing results. The test report can be edited after the experiment.

 6.Cylinder on the beam or column can be moved horizontally and vertically. The angle of fixed device can be set. Fixed way can choose any force application Angle. The cylinder can rotate 360 degrees and position in the vertical direction of the frame. Don’t need to remove the cylinder’s fixed position when it is rotating.

 7.There is no need for people to look after the test. The test experiment can stop testing when it is finished or the specimen is damaged. The machine can also save the test results at the same time.

 8.Test system has automatic modulation ability, when using standard weight to adjust the force value, the system can adjust automatically if it occurs deviation. Correction factor and force value can be saved for the same machine at the same time. It is easy to operate because it can call the history of correction.

 9.Software can control six channels at the same time; each channel is operated by benchmark synchronization time. This ensures that action and data processing can be synchronous. Different channels divided into groups to control, if there is a sample in a channel is already broken, the associated channels in the same group will stop at the same time, the rest of channels can continue to work.

 10.There is no less than 12 scram buttons. The devices can be stopped in each button in emergency circumstances that makes it conveniently

11.Operation Software special design for standards select(this software also could be update for other  test standards by remote control), and we will put standard test method and test items into this  software, user could select which test item he want for the test, easy and simple.(This function is currently on the market, only we can do it

Technical Specifications

Electrical parameter




Detailed parameters


Programmable controller



4ADmodule /4DAmodule

Digital analog conversion input/output



Control system

Perform automatic control procedures



Force sensor

Real-time detection of force values

Hualan Sea

High-precision force sensor that collects force signals in real time


Monitoring and parameter setting



Load the cylinder

Provides load force



Cylinder magnetic switch

Provides limit protection



Proportional valves

Control the cylinder output pressure




Eliminates the noise of the cylinder exhaust



Encoder displacement


Accuracy± 0.5mm



0~999999 times can be set


Control mode

 Computer+PLC control


Product parameter

Instrument size(Long * wide * high)mm

1000cm * 250cm*210(It can be customized according to customer requirements or product size)

Measurable sample( Table,Cabinet ) size / minimum, max

Measurable dimensions of the table, durability test (Measurable Dimensions):




Minimum length and width:500mmx500mm 

Minimum height:400mm

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Table Impact Test (Measurable Dimensions):




 Minimum height:1200mm

Minimum length and width:500mmx500mm 

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Cabinet test (measurable size):




Can be customized according to customer requirements

Measurable dimensions of the Chair .Measurable sample size / minimum / max




Minimum length:400mm

Minimum width:300mm

Minimum height:100mm

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Duplex test (two chairs tested at the same time)

Measurable dimensions of the Bed .Measurable sample size / minimum / max




Minimum length:300mm

Minimum width:300mm

Minimum height:300mm

Can be customized according to customer requirements


220 V, 50 Hz 

 air supply

6kgf/cm^2or above stable air source




wooden case

Transportation requirements

Due to its large size, this device needs to be disassembled and transported and reassembled at the point of use

Max Capacity

Maximum vertical horizontal: 3000N

The maximum force level : 1000N

Loading cylinders


Loading force value (Max) on the theory

1500Nþ Force value induction: high-precision power sensor

Applied standards:



EN 1728-2012

EN 1730-2012

BIFMA 5.1-2002

BIFMA X5.4-2012


(Other test standards can be made according to customer requirements)

Control way

PLC control+computer

One computer can control and operate all instruments and test items

Air source

Air supply input is 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa. (6kgf/cm^2 or above, supplied by customer themselves) 

Competitive Features

 1.Novel design, highly integrated, advanced control.

 2.The test and measurement items that previously required three machines can be completed with one instrument, and the advanced control system and optimized structure make the operation more reliable and the test data more accurate.

 3.The main frame is made of high-strength industrial aluminum profiles, combined with sheet metal parts treated by advanced electrostatic powder spraying and baking paint technology, the appearance is elegant and beautiful, and the sense of technology is full.

 4.The built-in sample provides a safer testing process and prevents accidental damage to the machine.

 5.Multi-point distribution of emergency brake switches, no matter where the operator is, it is convenient to stop the machine in an emergency.

Pad surface durability test:

 6.Adopting an independent control system, PLC control alone, combined with a computer display screen, the operation is easy and intuitive, the test process and operating status are clear at a glance, and the number of tests can be set arbitrarily.

 7.The unique lifting device is convenient to lift the heavy roller before the test, so as to move it to the mattress testing area, and then lower the roller to fully load its own weight on the mattress surface.

 8.The roller group can move up and down freely during the test to adapt to various uneven conditions on the mattress surface.

 9.Using advanced photoelectric sensing technology, the starting position of the center line of the mat surface is automatically returned to the original position, the stroke points at both ends are automatically sensed, and the position of the parking area is sensed.

Main Feature

 10.Our equipment ,Furniture Comprehensive Testing Equipment TNJ-001,is controlled by computer, mobile phone control, Internet control, and real-time video monitoring

 11.The operating software comes with a test standard program that meets the requirements, and can be upgraded remotely; the test process can be monitored by  no one, and the fault can be automatically alarmed, and the fault can be removed  remotely; the remote operation interface of the mobile phone can view the surveillance camera and the safe environment of the laboratory site

 12.Multifunctional interface control software, which can control and monitor multiple devices.

 13.The control software needs to save the test data of the instrument to the database, which can permanently save and query the historical test data.

 14.The laboratory management system can be connected to the computer database on the equipment to facilitate the management of laboratory equipment and data query and filing

 15.When no one is in the laboratory, you can enter the device operating system to operate the device through the computer website, QR code, mobile APP, WeChat

 16.If the same operating system is compatible and incorporated into one site to operate the device

 17.European standard aluminum profile (thickened)

 18.One computer can control and operate all instruments and test items(A whole instrument can complete the table, cabinet, chair and sofa test at the same time)




EN 1728-2012,EN 1730-2012

BIFMA 5.1-2002,BIFMA X5.4-2012


(Other test standards can be made according to customer requirements)

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