The Principle and Significance of Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Testing Machine

The Principle and Significance of Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Testing Machine

This tester is suitable for checking and evaluating the incination characteristics of plastic materials. It is designed and manufactured according to the relevant provisions of the rules of UL94 and GBT2408 code “Flammability experiment of plastic Materials for Equipment and Appliance Parts”. It carries out horizontal and straight flammability experiment on plastic parts of equipment and appliances, and is equipped with a gas flow meter to adjust the flame size. Simple and safe operation.


This instrument can evaluate the flammability of data or foam plastics such as: V-0, V-1, V-2, HB, 5V, HF-1, HF-2, HBF grade.


Experimental principle: One end of a rectangular strip sample is fixed on a horizontal or straight fixture, and the other end is exposed to a regular experimental flame. After measuring the linear incineration rate, the incineration behavior of the sample is evaluated. After measuring other flame and afterglow times, the scale of incineration and the droplet of incineration particles, the straight incineration behavior of the sample was reviewed.


UL94 Horizontal Vertical

1.UL94 fire test

2, GBT2408-2008 “Determination of plastic incineration performance horizontal method and straight method”

3, IEC60695-11-10 “Incineration fire test”

Experimental significance

1.Data incineration experiments under regular conditions are of great significance to compare the relative incineration behavior of different materials, control the production process or comment on the change of incineration characteristics.


2.The main feature of the experiment is that the sample is placed horizontally or straight, and the placement of the sample can distinguish the degree of flammability of the data.



3.In the process of using the horizontal straight burning experimental machine to measure the current, it should be noted that when the large scale measurement is carried out again, because the current value is relatively large, it requires that the cable must be connected to its junction firmly, and the junction must be observed in the process of improving the current. If it announces light or smoke, it is necessary to immediately suspend the experiment to check the connection


4.The use of horizontal straight incineration test machine for temperature measurement is the use of secondary appearance specification site, to detect the temperature has been measured in accordance with the relevant verification procedures, take the thermocouple off the equipment, and then use the thermocouple verification equipment for identification, the temperature scale of the verification is within 0~300℃.


5.The timing equipment and the electronic stopwatch on the horizontal and straight burning experimental machine are timed at the same time, and the time is finished at the same time at the end of the moment. The measuring point of the timing time can select the three points of 20 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes for measurement respectively. Each point needs to be repeated three times, and then subtract the measuring moment of the electronic stopwatch from the time set by the timing equipment according to the measurement results. It is the error of the time measurement, and the time measurement error can allow the error within two seconds.



6.When the calibration cable is completed with the horizontal straight incineration experiment machine, it can be filled in according to the calibration data, the detection cycle of the cable can be determined according to the user’s practice, and the cable is generally tested once every other year to ensure the safety of the product.