What Does the Small Ball Test Template Do?

What Does the Small Ball Test Template Do?

Usage:The ball test template is used to detect whether the ball attachment on the toy can cause a child to swallow, smoke and block the respiratory tract and esophagus and cause a choking hazard.


Standards :

EN71-1-2014+A1-2018 , ASTM F963 ,ISO 8124-1, GB6675-2

Material:Aluminum metal alloy, surface oxidation

Small Ball Test Template TW-205-Manufacturer

Small Ball Test Template is use to examine a toy up of whether small ball accessories may result in the child swallow, stop breath way and esophagus to cause choking danger or not.
EN71 Part 1 Rattle Test Template Stand TW-203C-Manufacturer.Use with rattle toy tester.Rattle Test Fixture A/B TW-203.Small Ball Test Template TW-205
ASTM F 963 4.6.2 Small Ball Test Fixture

Test method Introduction:

The test template (placed and clamped so that the axis of the notch is substantially vertical and the upper and lower openings of the notch are not blocked) is tested by placing the ball precisely in a position that maximizes its passage through the test template notch. The ball is placed in the slot and the force acting on the toy is only its own weight to determine whether the ball can fully pass the test template.


(1) A small ball refers to any spherical object that can completely pass the test by a small ball tester.

(2) Toys for children 36 months and under should not be small balls or contain removable balls.

(3) If toys for children between 37 months and 96 months are small balls or contain detachable balls or small balls that come out after being tested with a small ball tester, warning instructions should be provided.