What is the Difference Between single Column and Double Column of Universal Tensile Testing Machine?

What is the Difference Between single Column and Double Column of Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile testing machine is designed for footwear, rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, petrochemical and other tensile, compression, bending, shearing, bonding strength, stripping, tearing and other materials.


Common Features:

Power system

Tensile strength testing machine power system: servo motor and servo drive as well as worm gear and rod reducer and ball screw.

2.Control system

Using pulse command control mode, higher precision, easy to control

3.Data processing

Can be curve graphics processing, support multi-sensor, video and image interface, flexible data processing.


1.The number of columns is different.

2.Double column tensile testing machine can bear greater tensile force.

Under normal circumstances, most of the products below 5kn use single column, and most of the products above 5kn use double column tension machines.

3.Single column is cheaper than double column testing machine in price.

4.Different volumes

Due to the large volume and large working space of the double-column tensile testing machine, its requirements for test materials are not as much as that of the single-column tensile testing machine. However, due to the advantages of small volume and convenient movement, the single-column testing machine can be placed on the table

Double column tension machine
Universal tensile testing machine
Single column tensile testing machine


Although there are many different aspects of a single column tension machine and a double column tension machine, users should choose the one that suits them when choosing a tension testing machine.