What Kind of Mattress is Quality Assurance?

What Kind of Mattress is Quality Assurance?

Mattresses are indispensable sleeping tools in our lives, and the edge support ability is one of the important indicators of mattress quality.To ensure the durability of the mattress, we needed a device that could perform edge durability tests.

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What Kind of Mattress is Quality Assurance?
Mattress Durability Test equipment

Working principle

The mattress edge durability tester can simulate the pressure of the mattress for a long time and test the support capacity of the edge.

Characteristics of mattress edge durability tester

During use, the edges of the mattress are prone to sag or deformation, especially after long-term use. By simulating the pressure and vibration of the mattress, the mattress edge durability tester can quickly test the ability of the mattress edge support, and then evaluate the quality of the mattress.

Help manufacturers better evaluate product performance

At the same time, the mattress edge durability testing machine can also simulate the influence of human movement on the mattress, such as getting up, sitting down, etc. Mattress edge support is one of the key factors in these processes, and the Mattress Edge Durability Tester can simulate the effects of these processes on the mattress edge, helping manufacturers better evaluate product performance.